Imraz also know as Imran Noor originates from East Africa, Kenya, He was born in Mombasa and came to UK when he was 2 years old. Growing up he was back and forth to Africa over the years.

Since he was a youngster he knew he had a passion for music,
“The likes of Tupac & Biggie kind of kicked it off for me”

As he grew older he became aware of other artists such as Eminem & many more artists, the more he delved into music. As he started to become more consciously aware of words and meanings then started to realise how words and word play meant more then appeared. .

When he started rapping he was around the ages of 11. He had a best-friend back then, that actually believed in him and encouraged IMRAZ to pursue rapping as he believed whole hearted in IMRAZ that he had the potential to one day become a “famous rapper ” that’s how he would put it… When that day unforgettable day came he was told that his best friend had passed away. IMRAZ had realised the faith his best friend had in him. He didn’t have many close friends at the time that felt like  family so he remembered a promise he made to him

“I would at least try to make it, so that’s what I’m doing… trying”

A few years after his best friends death he started to attend Cranford Community college and to put the long story short that’s where he really started to purse his passion for writing & rapping . His music teacher also saw great potential in him as well as his friends & family and guided him and a few others guided him in the right direction for music.

The group he was part of before he signed to Spy-da Recordings was named CKz. In there was Segun aka SB , Surjeet aka Triple S, Shak , Mittz, Hussain, & IMRAZ. From then till now he has been surrounded by music.

“Music makes my life live, breath, think and shine… but music doesn’t need to make me believe to know I’ll  make it in time”

So how did the collaboration of Spy-da & IMRAZ come to be?

Spy-da & IMRAZ had actually crossed paths over a period of 4 years. It was only until IMRAZ approached Elusive and told him that he was into music and gave Elusive a demo of some of the music he was making. As soon as Spy-da heard the demo he knew it was going to an amazing collaboration.

That very same day Spy-da & IMRAZ met and straight away got into the studio. They were in the studio for the next 8 – 10 hours, & we can tell you there was some serious fire going down in the studio.

IMRAZ signed to Spy-da on the 2nd December 2015. The rest is now history and present is leading to our future.