Hello and Welcome to Spy-da Recordings Artists Information Page.

Are you an artist that wants to Join the Label?

If so, please see below the different types of deals we have, exclusive and non exclusive for artists wanting to join us. Be it you have talent and think you have something to offer. Get in touch here and send us your demo .

Singers / Rappers

What do we offer Signed Artists?

As Spy-da Recordings will pay for all studio costs to produce your singles / albums. We offer very little in terms of advances.

The deals we have are as follows: –

What we do and what we can offer you:-

  1. Our agreements are a minimum of three (3) years for Full Time Signed Artists
  2. 50/50 360 agreements
  3. We pay to all studio costs related to production
  4. We distribute the music to all digital music retailers including Spy-daMusic.com
  5. We build your online presence (Facebook, Instagram, Youtube)
  6. We Shoot and Edit your Music Videos
  7. We fully promote you as an artist.
  8. Pay for your Photoshoot for your online presence

What we expect from you: –

  1. You are NOT signed to another record label
  2. You are ready and willing to invest in yourself
  3. You have the time to invest in yourself
  4. You show up to booked studio sessions
  5. You actively promote us as your label and yourself as an Artist
  6. You are prepared to put the time and effort into building your music and leaving your legacy
  7. You attend each and every meeting that is scheduled for you as an Artist


Our Sister Publishing Company has a 70/30 publishing agreement.

70/30 in favour of the songwriter. Spy-da Music Publishing Ltd owns all publishing rights.